jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010


The guys always have that longer and thick dark hair. Long back hair and short bangs. The bangs various in many different styles. either Swiped to the side, bowl cut, or styled to their likings. Ulzzang guys are very stylish!
What's in their hair?! - That's a very good question. it's HAIR WAX! YUP. not candle wax, hair wax! I had the pleasure to use it and style someone's hair. It works something like gel, but it doesn't harden like how gel does. It keep your hair texture and everything. It's VERY nice. Girls can use it too. But Guys generally use it.
I have a chinese friend that uses hair wax in his hair. =). he really knows how to do his hair, it looks really nice! He introduced me into it. I really RECOMMEND it for guys. =D.

Ulzzang girls have very poofy hair. Not always though. the majority have long hair with many many layers. You can only get this hair in Korean, or chinese saloons. Otherwise, you have friends that really know how to cut hair and do it for you. =). The asian's have a very distinct way of cutting hair and styling it. It's always an individual cut. They tend to really like the short bangs, Long hair is usually always a benefit to ulzzangs, if not, there are always hair extensions!

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