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Chocolate Chapstick Honey Balm

step 1What you'll need

The first time I made this I used an old candle, but for this batch I bought 2 oz from the farmer's market for $1.75 -- definitely get the fresh wax if you can, the difference in flavor is stunning!

Cocoa butter
This can be found in any pharmacy. I've seen it at Rite Aid, Duane Read, etc, usually near moisturizers. This 1oz stick was $1.29

Almond oil
You could probably try other types of oil, but I would steer away from ones with heavy smells or flavors like olive oil -- you don't want to dissimulate the honey and chocolate flavor.

Vegetable glycerin
You can find this in health stores, but I've also seen it in craft stores. This ingredient is what makes this chapstick more of a lip balm. Glycerin will absorb humidity from the air to moisturize your lips.

Vitamin E
This is also an oil, with the thickness of fingernail polish when it's pure. The oil helps moisturize, but the main purpose here is as a natural preservative. This can also be found in any pharmacy, but read the label carefully: the quantity named in this recipe is for PURE vitamin E, and sometimes it is sold mixed with glycerin. You can still use it if it's been cut, but you'll have to adjust the amounts: more vitamin E, less glycerin. If you don't feel like doing any math, just get the pure bottle. This bottle cost around $10 but you need so little it will last forever. You can also decide to skip it altogether if you think you'll be using the chapstick within 6 months to a year.

Dark unsweetened cocoa will give you the best flavor

Any kind is fine

The first time I made this I used plastic bottle tops and covered them with plastic wrap -- but since I made this batch as gifts, I bought empty chapstick tubes on ebay ($7.45 for 25 tubes, including shipping). Little tins would also work nicely and can be reused.
What you\
step 2Measure ingredients
It helps to have a scale, but I've also given measurements in tablespoons: 3/8 oz beeswax (1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon) 1/2 oz cocoa butter (1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons) 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil 3/4 teaspoon vegetable glycerin 3/4 teaspoon honey 2 drops vitamin E oil 1 teaspoon cocoa powder To measure the chunks of beeswax (or cocoa butter), fill a small measur…

step 3Gently heat in double boiler
Place your container in a pot of water and heat the water till it's at a low simmer, mixing your ingredients with a fork until all pieces have melted.

step 4Pour
Pour the mixture into your containers. This recipe filled 11 chapstick tubes. There's no need to rush, if your liquid starts to solidify before you're done you can always warm it up in the double boiler. As the tubes solidify you'll notice the lip balm shrinks and a small hole might appear in the middle. If it's still liquid enough you can top it off with an extra drop…
Delicious Chocolate Chapstick Honey Balm

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