viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

tutorial Yusei wig

Yusei wig

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  1. Helo! Hehehe, I've been browsing around and I loved your Yusei cosplay, I believe you made the wig yourself, yes?, If so, I truly envy you, it's wonderful! If not, then ignore me and just close the window. XD

    As to my request, I'll get to my knees... Could you please make a Yusei wig for me? I know this comes out of the blue and I don't really need it ASAP, I'd need it around October. I just want to know if you could make it, and if so, How much would you charge me? =D

    Well, that would be all... From me... Your cosplay is so great and has inspired me to do my own. *w*

    I send you my email: